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Full Spectrum Dominance

Uproar in Ukraine: 'Push by West to create chaos & weaken ties with Russia'

Thousands of pro-EU demonstrators chanting 'Revolution!' protested on 'Maidan' square in Kiev on Sunday, despite a court-imposed ban on rallies. Over 200 people - both protesters and police - were injured in the ensuing clashes. With Kiev a battleground RT discusses what's at stake there with William Engdahl - geopolitical analyst and author of 'Full Spectrum Dominance'...

Part 1: The Race Out of the Door

The Matterhorn Interview – Published on July 5, 2013

Engdahl discussed, inter alia: the deeper causes for the financial crisis; modern banking as a giant confidence game; America's so called "Asia Pivot" and the Trans-Pacific Partnership; the bubbles in American stock and global bond markets; and too much power in too few hands on Wall Street.

Part 2: There is No Such Thing as a Free Market

The Matterhorn Interview - Published on July 16, 2013

Engdahl shares his interesting views on the managed nature of the precious metal markets; the naked short selling in the paper gold and silver markets; the rising gold stocks in vaults in China; the declining gold stocks in Western vaults; and the long-term perspectives for both physical gold and silver.

Part 3: The world isn't running out of oil; it's running into it

The Matterhorn Interview - Published on Jul 17, 2013

Crucial issues with respect to the crude oil business and its geopolitical dimensions. Inter alia, they discuss: the importance of oil for the whole social life; the beginning of the petrodollar; the research of Russian scientists on the origin of oil; and the fracking hype in the United States.

Mr. Engdahl highlights some developments of the second half of the 20th century as they relate to oil. In particular, he discusses the different theories on how hydro carbons are actually created. From his point of view, the peak oil theory is pretty much discredited. Moreover, he talks about the background for the record high oil prices in 2007-08, and explains his concerns with regards to the unsustainable "fracking bubble".

Bombs & Ballots: Iraq votes amid terror spree

Interview with Russia Today - Published on Apr 20, 2013

Injuries, bombings and mortar fire are being reported in Iraq as the nation holds its first election, after a nearly decade long US occupation. But with a slew of candidates assassinated, more than a hundred barred from ballots, and a wave of violence terrorizing voters it may not be the new beginning, many hoped for. RT's Lucy Kafanov reports from Baghdad.

Bird Flu Hysteria: 'Big pharma ready to cash in before virus researched'

Interview with Russia Today - Published on Apr 6, 2013

As the world keeps a close eye on the bird flu outbreak in China - panic is already spreading across neighboring countries. Six people have died so far out of the 16 infected - figures far from an epidemic. Geopolitical analyst and author William Engdahl says panic is being spread, and profits made, before any research in to the virus has been completed.

Fair Order: 'China & Russia winning combination to counterweight US'

Interview with Russia Today - Published on Mar 23, 2013

China's tightening its energy security - with the help of Russia. Moscow's agreed to double oil supplies to its Eastern neighbour, in return for a 2-billion dollar loan from Beijing - along with other deals. The two powers also want geo-political change - with the new Chinese President saying ties with Russia will help bring about a 'fair' world order. William Engdahl - a geopolitical analyst and the author of 'Myths, Lies and Oil Wars' - says the visit is also meant to send a signal to the U.S. that Beijing won't be a puppet.

'US govt deluded that it can control Muslim Brotherhood'

Interview with Russia Today - Published on Mar 3, 2013

Egypt has given the visiting U.S. Secretary of State a fiery reception - with a show of public anger against American support for the Muslim Brotherhood. F. William Engdahl, geopolitical analyst and author of "Myths, Lies and Oil Wars" told RT that Washington is starting to realize it may be supporting the wrong side in Egypt.

Sharia Shushed: 'Majority of Egypt against Muslim Brotherhood'

Interview with Russia Today - Published on Feb 16, 2013

Egypt's hardline Islamists, including members of the ruling Muslim Brotherhood party, have gathered in Cairo for a rally calling for peace. That's after three weeks of protests against the government, which started on the 2nd anniversary of the revolution that toppled Mubarak. The rioting has seen tear gas and water cannons used against protesters who've been armed with firebombs.More than 70 people have died in the clashes so far. For more, RT talks to William Engdahl, author of 'Myths, Lies and Oil Wars'.

'War for untapped resources cause of Mali chaos'

Interview with Russia Today - Published on Jan 18, 2013

Islamic terrorists are still holding an international group of hostages at a gas plant in Algeria, with the local military continuing their attempts to free the captives. A number of civilians were killed during a blitz rescue attempt by Algerian forces - which drew anger from the international community. Author and publicist F. William Engdahl says Mali's turning into a geopolitical battleground - in a war for the region's resources.

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